CRMA Meeting with El Dorado County District 1 and District 2 Supervisors

Friday, February 20, 2015

Bill Bryant and Larry Brilliant, Co-Chairs of CRMA, met with El Dorado County Supervisors Ron Mikulaco, District 1 and Shiva Frentzen, District 2. See attached meeting agenda. Our main objective was to follow up on Larry Brilliant’s January 16, 2015 letter to all the El Dorado County Supervisors outlining CRMA’s Goal, what we are For and Against. See attached letter dated January 16, 2015. Additionally, at our meeting we requested that the El Dorado County Supervisors not settle any law suite short of our Goal, “Return the Mather Airport Cargo Operations back to its origin, the Sacramento International Airport”. Additionally, we requested that the El Dorado County Supervisors obtain an injunction to stop any and all Mather Airport Cargo improvements until the law suites are completed. We also recommended that El Dorado County join N.O.I.S.E., . This source would help the Supervisors obtain information concerning other Airport Noise issues occurring in other parts of the United States.

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