File A Noise Complaint

Your help is needed to influence aircraft flight paths!  Don’t rely on your neighbors to complain.  The County thinks you don’t care and you only prove them right when you don’t report noise events.

Please report all noise events so Sacramento County government and airport officials will realize the noise impact of Mather air cargo flights on local communities!


The Sacramento County Airport System (SCAS) maintains a Noise Information Office that provides two means for citizens to express their concerns about particular aircraft noise incidents or aircraft noise levels in general.

There are two ways to contact SCAS:

1)    Email your complaint to
2)    Call the SCAS aircraft noise report line at (916) 874-0800.

  • First call – Provide your name, address and date(s)/time(s) of noise event(s) you are reporting
  • Subsequent calls – Press # to bypass recording and leave your name and date(s)/time(s) of the noise event(s)

Multiple noise events can be reported in a single call.

Return calls are available if requested.  Please provide a daytime phone number.

3)  Send An E-Mail Letter To Your County Supervisor or City Council concerning your Noise Complaint:

For email addresses and the decision maker’s names visit Key Decision Makers Contact Information.



Your complaints will be entered into the Sacramento County Airport System (SCAS) aircraft noise complaint database. On a monthly basis the Noise Information Office summarizes the number of individual noise complaints received, calls received and the number of individual callers logging complaints.

How the Database is Used

  • Monthly summaries are provided to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors.
  • Assists in land-use planning and identification of emerging concerns
  • Basis for working with the FAA, air carriers, and communities on future programs aimed at reducing noise impacts on residential communities.