How To Get Involved

You might not have signed on to live under the flight path of an international cargo hub, but you can sign on to fight it!

What you can do right now.

Support CRMA

Please let us know you share the concern that a major cargo hub at Mather Airport will have a negative impact on property values and quality of life in our communities. Put your name on our EMAIL LIST so CRMA can demonstrate a broad base of support across Sacramento and El Dorado Counties. Please add the names of all adults in your household.  Your personal information will not be released to any third parties. Your help is needed to influence aircraft flight paths!  Don’t rely on your neighbors to get the job done and don’t assume that someone else is taking care of it.

Tell a Neighbor

We need your help to spread the word about Sacramento’s desire to expand Mather into an international cargo hub.  Please encourage your neighbors and friends throughout the Sacramento area to visit our website at

You can also download this CRMA_flyer  to spread the word.

Report All Airplane Noise

Your help is needed to influence aircraft flight paths!  Don’t rely on your neighbors to complain.  Sacramento County thinks you don’t care and you only prove them right when you don’t report noise events.

Please report all noise events so Sacramento County government and airport officials will realize the noise impact of Mather air cargo flights on local communities!  Learn how to file a noise complaint with the Sacramento County Airport System.

Send an Email Opposing Mather expansion

Send an email to the key decision makers including your elected officials and the airport system executive staff and let them know you are opposed to creating a cargo hub at Mather.

Your email should include:

  • Your name and area of residence
  • Your concern/complaint
  • A request for their help