Key Decision Makers Contact Information

Local government and corporate contact information.

Sacramento County Airport System – Mather Airport Noise Page

This website explains the noise programs at each of our airports, provides answers to the most frequently asked questions, allows residents to research flight operations that may have disturbed them, and provides the opportunity to ask a question or leave a comment.

Sacramento Web Trak

Using WebTrak you can track the flight activity in to and out of Sacramento County Airport System, along with information about each aircraft.

Mather Flight Tracker

Provides live flight tracking for Mather as well as all airports world wide.

Mather Airport Master Plan

The County of Sacramento is preparing for the challenges and opportunities associated with changes in aviation activity. Accordingly, the County has initiated a Master Plan for Mather Airport to identify the facilities necessary to meet near- and long-term aviation demand. This report presents the Master Plan, which was prepared with funding assistance from the Federal Aviation Administration and is intended to provide the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors with information vital to facilitating the future role of Mather.

National Organization to Insure A Sound Controlled Environment, N.O.I.S.E.

This organization’s membership is comprised of locally elected officials, leading researchers, policy makers, and industry stakeholders. This organization is an excellent resource to obtain information from experts about current aviation noise issues, pending public policy issues, and to be aware of successful strategies.