The advocates for developing Mather as a major Air Cargo Hub are in key positions to make their dream come true.  Quoted below are just some of their words over the years…



“Conveniently located midway between the Pacific Rim and Europe, the County operates Mather as a cargo aviation facility with the goal of making it into a premier cargo hub.

“The goals for air cargo include the continued expansion of cargo operations at Mather Airport including cargo shipments to and from Asia.”

Cheryl Marcell, Deputy Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Sacramento County Airport System, Request for Statements of Qualifications and Experience – Sacramento County Airport System Air Service/Cargo Development Services, August 24, 2005.



“Hahn and Leonard [Paul Hahn, Sacramento County Economic Development Director and Rob Leonard, Sacramento County Airport System’s Chief Operating Officer] also say they are optimistic about selling Mather’s virtues to cargo companies…We make Mather appealing by favorable lease rates and other means…We’re talking with UPS right now about making Mather one of its West Coast hubs…Right now; the UPS mini hub is in Ontario down near Los Angeles.  We’re basically talking to UPS about a better airport, with less congestion.  As for Federal Express (sic) and its operation at Sacramento International, we’re talking to them and we believe they’ll move.”  

 Fly the Prosperous Skies of Sacramento County,” Comstock’s Business Magazine, page 61, April 2004.



“Planning Objectives Preserve West Coast Air Cargo Hub Potential”

Airport staff briefing, Chart 20, Mather Airport Master Plan Working Group Meeting #3, March 23, 2003.




“The primary product of this study will be an Airport Master Plan for Mather… Moreover, the preferred alternative will preserve space and identify facilities intended to support Air Cargo Hub operations…” 

Mather Master Plan Scope of Work, Attachment 2, Exhibit A1, January 29, 2002.



“Our vision for Mather is it will be THE air cargo facility, a hub not just for this part of California, but for the Pacific Rim”   

Paul Hahn, Sacramento County Economic Development Director, Sacramento Bee, Page D4, February 14, 1997.